"Find A Giant Killer"

Matt opened an IRS email that stated: “You owe $46,327.84.” The IRS seal was at the top of the email. Matt was afraid.

Matt received the same email three times per week for about a month. He decided not to tell anyone. Matt’s fear turned to panic.

Finally, Matt broke down and recounted the story to his mentor, who responded: “You need a giant killer.” Matt said, “What’s a giant killer?” “Somebody who knows more about this than you do.”

“Who could be your giant killer in this situation?” his mentor asked. Matt thought, and then replied, “My accountant!”

When Matt called his accountant, he stated, “The IRS doesn't communicate this kind of information through email. They use registered letters.”

What was Matt’s self-sabotaging behavior?

Matt didn’t ask for help because he was afraid he hadn’t turned in all required documentation to his accountant. And he didn’t want anybody to know. He was fearful of looking bad.

What did asking for help do for Matt?

  • He discovered that talking about his problem lessened his fear.
  • He learned that there are people who can help him if he’s willing to ask.

How will Matt benefit from continuing to ask for help?

  • He will eventually overcome the shame he feels for needing help.
  • He will enjoy the freedom of not having to know all the answers.


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