"Make the Trade"

Over their eighteen years of marriage, Linda and Steve had built a company that now boasted sixteen employees.

Their growth strategy had been to pursue promising opportunities, but this scattered their energy and resources in numerous directions. This approach allowed their company to grow at a semi-healthy pace, though more slowly than they had hoped.

When asked “what business they were in,” it took Linda 3-4 minutes to eventually arrive at an answer. Steve’s response was more concise but unclear. To some degree, their company’s growth was stymied by their inability to define their true identity as an organization.

Coaching allowed Linda and Steve to clarify three things that helped their company do less, but better.

  • Where do you have the most credibility?
  • Where do you have the most experience?
  • Where does your passion lie?

What was Steve and Linda's self-sabotaging behavior?

They were pursuing multiple business opportunities, assuming this would pay off for the company. However, it sapped personal and organizational energy, which then lowered the quality of their organization’s services.

What did “trade off” mean for Linda and Steve? 

Eliminating certain parts of their business in order to keep the parts that gave them the best chance for success. Developing a concise and compelling purpose statement produced a working guide for deciding what services to offer.


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